Recipe Cards

Simple Weaning, Super Eating 


35 x Delicious Weaning Recipe Cards 

Use our collection of baby weaning recipe cards to inspire you to make meal times deliciously simple. All recipes have been taste-tested by my very own twins!


What will I find in my recipe card pack?

7 x Breakfast Recipe Cards

We know as parents how important it is to provide a nutritious breakfast for our little ones to have the best possible start to their day. However, with life’s daily responsibilities, finding the time to think of and create these meals can sometimes be a challenge. That is why we have selected seven of our favourite breakfasts that our toddler twins have enjoyed since they were 6 months old. The beneficial thing about many of these recipes is that they can be prepared in advance too, meaning breakfast time can be simple, speedy and scrumptious. Perfect for busy families!   


7 x Snack Recipe Cards

As parents, we all appreciate how important it is to have a generous amount of snacks prepared for the day. I still can’t quite believe how often our little ones need their snacks! Yet, we all need a little bit of inspiration now and again to offer something a little more creative than the usual rice cake or piece of fruit. Knowing that it is important to provide a range of colours, textures and flavours for our little ones, within our Snacks cards you will find our top seven snacks that our twins have enjoyed since their baby led weaning journey. Another fantastic thing about these Snack cards is that they can also be adapted and turned into a lunch or dinner idea too – meaning you have lots of meal inspiration in one category!


7 x Lunch Recipe Cards

When I say lunch time, what is the first food item you think of? A sandwich? Yes – me too when I first started our weaning journey. However, as time went on, we began to experiment with a range of quick and easy recipes that made lunch times wholesome and simple. And like our Snack cards, these simple lunch ideas can easily be adapted and turned into a Dinner recipe, meaning you have many meal ideas to use.


7 x Dinner Recipe Cards

We know how important it is for families to spend as much time together as possible. With all of our busy schedules, the time of the day this is most likely to happen is during the evening meal. Dinner time should be a chance for all of the family to sit down together, share a delicious meal and enjoy each other’s company. That is why we have selected seven of our favourite Dinner cards which are simple to make and packed full of flavour for the whole family to enjoy. That is the great thing with baby led weaning – little ones can enjoy almost anything that we can enjoy, meaning as a parent you only have to think about making one meal to share. Of course these recipes can be adapted to suit a lunch time meal too, meaning you have many meals to choose from.


7 x Sweet Recipe Cards

There are times in every family where you would like to offer a sweet treat or dessert, but with nutrition in mind, this can sometimes be a challenge. Wanting to make sure our twins were also part of meal times when puddings were served, we have had lots of fun creating our own flavoursome Sweet cards without any added sugar. The great thing about these Sweet recipes is that they could also be used as a Snack idea too, meaning you have many recipes to adapt to suit you and your family.


We hope you enjoy your weaning journey as much as we have!