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Hello from The Foxfairies

A big hello and welcome to our Foxfairy Led Weaning page, a place where weaning is made simple.

When our twins Beatrice and Francis turned six months old, I was thrilled to begin their weaning journey. After much research we decided to pursue the baby led weaning route because we particularly liked the essence of independence that babies develop during this stage. With baby led weaning, as you can offer almost any type of food (apart from whole nuts, honey and salt), the options of what to give them were huge! But where do you start?

Beatrice and Francis’ first taste of food was an avocado slice. They need help gripping the fruit but managed to get some around their gums to chew. Throughout this weaning stage I kept repeating in my head: ‘Food before one is just for fun’ which really helped to settle any worries about them not getting ‘enough’ food as they were still having all of their milk feeds. So I viewed meal times as more of a fun, exploratory activity where they were mastering the skills of putting food to their mouths, chewing and swallowing.

As time went on and they began to consume more food, I kept thinking: ‘What shall I give them next to try?’. Enthused but unsure, I began experimenting with different colours, flavours and textures to create very simple yet scrumptious meals for my twins to enjoy. I would look forward to every meal time as it was another opportunity for them to experience a new flavour.

As we began sharing our meal ideas on our @foxfairy_led_weaning Instagram page, many people began asking us for our recipes. As they became more popular I decided to create simple recipe cards that would provide meal time inspiration for us busy parents. Simple, speedy recipes for happy, successful weaning.

Have a look at our collection of delicious recipe cards here – perfect for little tummies with big appetites. We hope you enjoy your weaning journey as much as we have!