Hello From The Foxfairies

Who Are We?

A very big and warm welcome, thank you for stopping by. The blogger behind The Foxfairies is me, Haley Foxfairy. I am currently living in South East London with my husband Pete and our two beautiful baby twins, Beatrice and Francis.

Why Blogging?

Having a Masters Degree in Education, a specialism in Early Years and living a busy lifestyle, maternity leave was a shock to the system. Although trying to navigate my way around trying to keep two brand new babies alive was tough, my brain still needed stimulation. Being a stickler for organisation, as well as encountering daily adventures in this hilarious ‘twin life’, blogging came as a natural way of documenting these events. I also love to help others, I think it’s the natural educator in me. So I hope this blog can offer some help and advice for this crazy adventure we call motherhood.

 Blog Features

In this blog we capture:

  • Mama Tales: Here we document little anecdotes, tales and adventures of my experiences of motherhood. Expect a lot of over-thinking in every situation, worrying about the small things and all-round hilarity of being parents to two babies.
  • Child Development: Having a Masters Degree in Education, a specialism in Early Years and working in Education for over 10 years, this section captures how children learn and develop and what we as parents can do to support our children’s development.
  • Food: Tips on weaning and lots of meal inspiration
  • Organisation: An insight into how we survive raising twins with a somewhat organised lifestyle.
  • Tiny Tips: Small tricks that have helped us throughout our parenthood adventure.
  • As Cute as a Strawberry: This section aims to raise awareness of babies who have haemangiomas, or ‘strawberry marks’.  As Beatrice started developing her ‘strawberry’ soon after birth, I felt terribly anxious about how this mark would affect her. Since sharing Beatrice’s story,  lots of wonderful parents have been in touch to share their experiences of having children with haemangiomas. If you have a child who has/ has had a haemangioma and are interested in sharing your story, please get in contact through our Contact Us page.
  • Snaps: Tiny snapshots of our Foxfairy adventures.
  • Features: A collection of services, products and guest bloggers sharing their parent tales here.
  • Blogs We Love: Incredible mama sites that we guest blog for.
  • Reviews: Our reviews on the products we have used.

Twin mama and baby twins

A Story Of How Our Blogging Journey Began…

Back in February 2016, when a white stick looked up at me screaming ‘Haha guess what? You’re pregnant!’ I nearly passed out whilst choking on my Pinot (and then begrudgingly poured the rest away…). Fast forward to our week 12 scan, as if finding out we would be expecting a little bundle of joy in 9 months wasn’t enough of a shock, the sonographer cheerily informs my husband and I there were in fact, TWO babies hiding in there – ‘there are two heartbeats – you’re having twins!’


With my slight (understatement) OCD tendencies and need for organisation, my brain went into overload. ‘How many nappies will I need for the next 24 months…?’ ‘Is it possible to feed two babies at the same time…?’ Do I actually need double of everything…?’ Google felt my initial panic as I scrawled through the endless baby blogs and posts. However, I couldn’t find enough information on how people actually organised their lives to accommodate for the arrival of twins.

And that is where the Foxfairy Twins were born. Starting out on Instagram, I began to share how we were surviving the day-to-day trials and tribulations of living with new born twins. Yet, attempting to document all of the details, I found I couldn’t quite fit everything I wanted to in our little life of squares. So, that was when we started capturing our snapshots of life in this lovely little blog.

It’s a real pleasure to have the opportunity to share our little experiences with you all. We hope you find it as delightful as we have capturing it all.

Love, The Foxfairies x

baby twins