Routine for Nine Month Old Twins

Routine for Nine Month Old Twins

Routine for Nine Month Old Twins


I don’t know about you but in the newborn stage doesn’t it feel like the endless feeding, nappy changes and painful sleep deprivation is going to last foreeeeeeeever… and then suddenly out of nowhere your babies are going to be celebrating their first birthday? I can honestly say that time really is flying by. I now feel more confident about caring for my babies as I know them better. I can tell if ‘waaaaa’ means: ‘Mama I’m really hungry’, ‘I love it when you make that silly noise’, ‘No, I don’t want to go back into my pushchair’ or ‘Beatrice has taken my toy again’ (that one happens quite often now…).

routine for nine month old twins


Reflecting on how my confidence has grown over the last few months, I thought it would be useful to note down how our days are now usually spent. Here is our routine for nine month old twins:

6am: Wake up, breakfast (see our Baby Breakfast Ideas post for some inspiration).

7am: 6-7oz milk (they are FINALLY holding their bottles now, which means it gives me a little bit of free time to clear up from breakfast and prepare for the rest of the day).

7.30am: Nap. Sometimes our babies treat us and take 2 hours to nap at this time of the day! Sometimes they only have 20 minutes. It will also differ for each baby, so one may wake up an hour before the other, which is actually quite nice because it gives me an opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with each baby.

10am: Snack. This snack time has only happened recently. It used to be a milk feed but has recently dropped which has meant going out and about for the morning is a lot easier. See our Baby Snack Ideas to see what we eat during this time of the day. Depending on how much they napped in the morning, between this time and lunch they might go for another nap.

12pm: Lunch. This is my favourite part of the day as we can experiment with lots of different foods for the babies to try. I also try and eat my lunch with them at the table to turn it into a family activity. I feel this is important as we don’t sit together and eat as a family in the evening as our work commitments mean that one of us gets home after the babies’ dinner time, so we do it at lunch time instead.

1pm: Nap. This nap may sometimes be after their 2pm milk. It all depends on how they have napped in the morning.

2pm: 6oz milk. However, recently I’ve noticed that as they’re eating more during lunch time, this milk intake is slowly deceasing. I’m sure this will be the next milk feed to drop in the near future.

5pm: Dinner. As the babies’ are feeding themselves and are able to pick up smaller pieces now, I can offer them a variety of foods to eat (see our Food section on our blog).

6pm: Bath time. It’s funny, this is the time of the day where you need the most energy but you’re feeling most tired. And keeping two mobile babies safe in the bath tub whilst they try and stand, roll, climb and splash is quite a challenge to say the least…it is however the best activity to relieve any ‘witching hour’ problems.

6.30pm: 7oz milk. The babies have this milk feed in their own bedroom to help them to understand that it is almost time to go to bed. We then have a story, brush our teeth and are ready for bed.

7pm: Bedtime.


Of course every day can differ depending on a multitute of things…if our babies are teething, have a cold, are overtired, if we’ve been out for most of the day and have delayed a feed etc…but it gives you an insight into what life is like for us with nine month old twins. How does it compare with your routine?


routine for nine month old twins


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routine for nine month old twins


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