Product Review: BabyStyle Hybrid Tandem Stroller (Part 3)

Product Review: BabyStyle Hybrid Tandem Stroller (Part 3)

Product Review: BabyStyle Hybrid Tandem Stroller (Part 3)

Welcome to our third instalment of our product review of the BabyStyle Hybrid Tandem Stroller.

After writing my first impressions of the Hybrid Tandem Stroller and second review of the Hybrid Tandem Stroller, I thought it would be useful to collect a different perspective on the Hybrid Tandem. As my husband Pete has been looking after our babies as I have returned to work, I shall be sharing his thoughts on the pram in this review.

tandem pram

What are your thoughts on using the Hybrid Tandem Stroller?

I have been really impressed with how smooth the pushchair is. It’s extremely lightweight and very easy to push. The seats are a very good size to make sure our babies are comfortable as they grow and get bigger. It also allows me to feed both babies at the same time when I’m out and about! I also like how easy it is to attach the seats to the chassis as well as how small it folds away – perfect for our small London flat.

tandem pram

What functions are you impressed by?

I really like that if the babies need to sleep I am able to easily release the catch on the back of each seat and recline. Also as we have it as a tandem, the clip on height adjusters makes sure that the baby who is sitting in the bottom seat has enough room.

tandem pram

How does the Hybrid Tandem compare to other pushchairs?

This pushchair is much lighter and easier to push around than other ones we have tried. The handling is really good – I can twist and turn really easily when I’m out and about. Adjusting the seats has been much easier too. With our last pram you had to push into the sides of each seat in order to recline or detach them, which took a lot of effort. As the Hybrid seats recline from the quick release catch, it has made it a lot easier.

tandem pram

What are your experiences of using the pushchair on public transport?

I feel confident using it on public transport because although it’s big enough for our growing twins, the chassis isn’t too big to take up too much room. I can easily fit it onto the train or tube without taking up too much room.

tandem pram

Is there anything you would change about the pram?

I have noticed that understandably there is not a lot of room for the basket at the bottom of the pram. If the bottom seat could sit slightly higher then you could probably fit a lot more underneath. Of course if you are using only one seat then you won’t have this to worry about. But carrying two, it’s inevitable that space will be limited.

Thanks to Pete for giving us an insight into his experiences of using the BabyStyle Hybrid Tandem pushchair. Check back next month where I shall be writing my fourth review on this product. Let’s see how we get on after three months of using it! Thank you for taking the time to read this review. If you have any questions about this product please get in touch –BabyStyle and V Public Relations can be found from these links.

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  1. Sharon B
    October 31, 2017 / 2:48 pm

    Hi, thank you for this review, I really needed it. Just a few questions I wanted to ask…
    1. Did you use the carrycot for your babies?
    2. When using public transport or using a kerb, are you able to reach the footrest at the bottom to help you bump up the pushchair?

    • December 10, 2017 / 5:54 am

      Hi there. I only used it with the seats as I had a different pram when they were babies. And yes you can reach the footrest 🙂

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