Product Review: BabyStyle Hybrid Tandem Stroller (Part 2)

Product Review: BabyStyle Hybrid Tandem Stroller (Part 2)

Product Review: BabyStyle Hybrid Tandem Stroller (Part 2)

Welcome to our next instalment of our product review of the BabyStyle Hybrid Tandem Stroller. We have now been using it for a little over a month now, so felt this was a good time to update our experiences of using this pushchair.

After writing my post on our first impressions of the Hybrid Tandem Stroller, we could not have been happier. I always feel nervous about getting something as important as a pushchair as you never really know how well they are going to function until you have been able to use it for a while. It’s all very well and good pushing a pram down the shop aisle thinking: ‘Oh yes, I can really imagine myself pushing this down the street, coffee in hand and sleeping babies in tow’. But in fact, you don’t actually know until you have it in real life.

Living in a flat on the first floor, I have to set up the pram sometimes multiple times in one day, including assembling the seats to the main frame. With a quick release of the catch the pushchair is upright. As the chassis is very lightweight, I can happily cope with putting it together on my own. The seats are so simple to fix onto the chassis, it takes next to no time at all. I have previously used other pushchairs that require a lot of energy to release the seats from the main frame, however with the Hybrid Tandem that could not be further from the truth. They easily slot in and can be released with ease.

Hybrid Tandem pushchair

The BabyStyle Tandem Stroller is so easy to push, I can easily get around with my two babies, bags of shopping and coffee in hand!

Over this past month I have been able to experience travelling with the Hybrid Tandem to a range of locations, including grassy parks, shopping centres and even Oxford Circus. I have also used the pushchair on many different modes of transport, including underground, overground and main rail trains. Here is what I found:

  • Smooth ride: As the wheels have smooth ride technology, pushing our babies in the Hybrid Tandem is a breeze. It is so smooth, you wouldn’t think that you were pushing two 8 month old babies along! I can even push it one-handed as I carry my coffee in the other hand! Also my Father-In-Law commented on how much smoother and more pleasurable this pushchair is to push compared to our last one too.
  • Different journeys: Being on maternity leave with my baby twins, it’s important that I try to get out and do something every day. I regularly visit one of our local parks which is about a 15 minute walk away. The journey consists of travelling along a bumpy dirt track and grassy hills, all of which the pushchair copes very well with.
  • Public transport: Determined to be independent, I regularly travel into Central London to enjoy the buzz of the capital. This means needing to use public transport. As the frame is lightweight, I am able to lift the pram onto the train without breaking into a sweat. Even though it is a tandem pushchair, I can position it to the side of the carriage without it bothering other commuters. Hilariously, when the trains are really quiet, I can even squeeze it in between the seats on the main train carriage so I can sit down for the journey!
Hybrid Tandem pushchair

The BabyStyle Tandem Pushchair will even squeeze in between the seats on a train!

  • Using the underground: Travelling around London inevitably means needing to use the underground tubes. Now, I must admit, the initial anxiety of going out with two babies was completely overwhelming, let alone needing to use public transport too. However, once I had got my head around which trains I needed to get on, using the lifts and getting onto the tube trains was absolutely fine. As the babies have a good amount of room in their seats, yet the whole pushchair doesn’t feel overly big, I didn’t feel like I was taking up too much room.
  • Compliments galore! Very often when I am out and about with my babies in the BabyStyle Hybrid Tandem Stroller I get many people complimenting it. It’s stunning leatherette bumper bar and navy fabric is beautifully stylish. I feel very proud pushing it around!
Hybrid Tandem pushchair

I even got the pushchair to Oxford Circus via train and tube to meet a friend!

  • Practical: Over the last few weeks we have had (in typical British fashion) every sort of weather you could name. That has meant that I have been able to use the range of functions that this pushchair has to offer. The rain covers are extremely simple to attach, keeping your babies dry and protected. On the other hand, the extendable hood includes a UV sun shade which is perfect for protecting your little ones in warm weather too. You are also able to unzip part the of hood to expose the net which allows for a breeze to flow through, keeping your babies cool in the heat. What’s more, as I like to spend a lot of time out and about now, if the babies need to sleep I am able to easily release the catch on the back of each seat and recline to the desired angle. The only downside I have found when using a tandem pram is that you lose a lot of the basket space underneath the pushchair. That being said, there is enough space to squeeze my water bottle and some toys in there and if I do have any extra shopping I can just use the hooks on the side of the pushchair.
Hybrid Tandem pushchair

The seats are generous in size which means my babies have a good amount of room to comfortably sit.


So, clearly I am still in love with our new BabyStyle Hybrid Tandem pushchair! Check back next month where I shall be writing my third review on this product. Let’s see how we get on after two months of using it! Thank you for taking the time to read this review. If you have any questions about this product please get in touch (BabyStyle and V Public Relations can be found from these links).


The Foxfairies x




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