Guest: Luna Mia’s Haemangioma Story

Guest: Luna Mia’s Haemangioma Story

Guest: Luna Mia’s Haemangioma Story


Yara Martinez is mommy to Luna Mia, a stay at home mom living in Long Beach, California.


My Haemangioma Story


I noticed Luna had a weird mark on her back when she was 7 weeks old, not knowing what it was I panicked and started crying. I was thinking the worst, in my head I thought it was cancer. My boyfriend and I had to wait 4 days for her to be seen, those were the longest 4 days. She was seen by a paediatrician and when he told me it was a haemangioma known as strawberry mark and that I had nothing to worry about I cried of happiness. He explained that it doesn’t hurt her, which that was one of my biggest concerns. He also said that it could get bigger or smaller so I just needed to keep an eye on it and if it didn’t go away by the time she’s one we would have to consider laser removal. I’m not looking forward to that so I’m praying it goes away by that time. It hasn’t gotten any worse which I’m blessed about that and also that I have the most happy baby ever.






Thank you Yara for sharing your daughter’s haemangioma story. Yara can be found on Instagram: yalexmar.


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