Travelling With Twins

Travelling With Twins

Travelling with Twins


Whilst I was pregnant with our baby twins we had some very exciting plans to look forward to: our gorgeous friends were due to get married and I was going to be their bridesmaid. What an honour. What’s more, the invitation included our babies too. But the wedding date was planned for February 2017…which would mean our babies would be four months old…AND the wedding was going to be taking place in Bristol, 140 miles away from our home in London. Gulp.


There are so many things to think about when you’re staying away for a few days just as a couple, but to throw 4 month old twins into the mix is another level (you can read about Life with 4 Months Old Twins here). The fact that it would take me on average about 3.5 hours to get ready just to leave the flat to go to the corner shop with our babies, the very thought of travelling…for a wedding…down to Bristol…to stay for three nights…with two tiny babies…was something I couldn’t quite comprehend.  WHERE do you start??


Planning. That’s where you start. And list writing. LOTS of lists. I even had a list to write a list…! Don’t underestimate the amount of ‘stuff’ you will need to take with you when travelling with twins. As I started writing my list of things to take I just COULD NOT believe the amount two tiny humans needed. I had to lie down just from putting the list together, let alone start packing it all up.

Baby boy girl twins travelling with twins 

After our trip I reflected on what went well with our weekend away and what we could have done to improve it. Here is a list of things to make travelling with babies as easy as possible:


          If you are staying away for a few days, rather than spending a ridiculous amount of money on hotels, I cannot recommend Air BnB enough. There is such a huge choice of different properties ranging from bedrooms to whole houses to rent out! So whatever your budget I can guarantee that you’ll find something suitable for you and your family. We booked a cute little apartment for the three nights and it was perfect. If we had booked a hotel room that’s all what we would have got…a room. Whereas with this apartment we had two rooms, a living area, a kitchen (essential when you have babies to feed!) and a shower room, all near the Centre of Bristol.


          Prepare early. I started writing down all of the things that we would need about a week or so before leaving. That way, if there was anything that I needed to buy I had ample amount of time to get it.


          That being said, following on from the point above, unless you are travelling to the depths of the Amazon rainforest, there will most likely be amenities around. Don’t panic of you don’t quite pack enough wet wipes or you run out of baby lotion, there will always be somewhere to restock.

Baby boy girl twins travelling with twins 


          If you are using a travel cot for the first time…make sure you use it BEFORE going away. We made the mistake of taking the babies to a new town, to sleep in a new room, in a new travel cot…can you imagine how our first night went? Let me tell you, after the 4th hour of the babies screaming into the night we were painfully regretting not introducing them to the cot beforehand. If we were to do this again, I would have put the babies to sleep in this travel cot in their own room for a couple of nights prior to leaving to help them get used to it.


          Do not underestimate the amount of time it will take to pack the car. It. Will. Take. A. Lifetime. Seriously…after Pete and I finally finished cramming all of the baby paraphernalia into every crevice the car owned, we were three hours behind schedule. Start early.


          Plan your breaks. If you’re driving for a few hours, it’s a good idea to know which service stations you need to stop at. Trust me, the one time you drive past a services on the whim that ‘they’ll be ok until the next stop’ then right on cue the deafening decibels begin for the next 24 miles…you’ll never make that mistake again.


          However…be prepared for your plans to go completely out of the window. After all of that meticulous planning you’ll probably just end up doing the nappy change alfresco anyway. When the nappy is full, it’s like a ticking time bomb ready to explode…get it off get it off!!


          Unpack your baby things as soon as you arrive at your destination. Nobody wants a screaming baby (or two…) needing a bottle and all you can find is the Sudocrem.


          Embrace the change! You’ve heard the saying: ‘Going on holiday is just parenting in a different city’. However, I’d reply: ‘Change is as good as the rest’. Enjoy introducing your little ones to the new sites and make sure you allow yourself time to relax too. Family time is so precious, enjoy making memories together.

Baby boy girl twins travelling with twins



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