10 Breakfast Ideas For Your Baby

10 Breakfast Ideas For Your Baby

10 Breakfast Ideas For Your Baby


If you’re a parent who has just adventured into the weaning stage, you may be looking for inspiration on what to give your baby for breakfast. You might be interested in helping your baby to explore lots of different textures and tastes (read my post on Baby-Led Weaning for more information) but not sure where to start. Here is a list of our top 10 favourite baby breakfast ideas:

Here are 10 breakfast ideas for your baby:


  • Porridge with mashed banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Mashing banana into the porridge makes the for a thicker consistency and therefore, easier to scoop up on onto a spoon
  • Toast sliced into fingers for babies to easily pick up. You could add variety by offering fruit afterwards. baby led weaning breakfast ideas for your baby
  • Cornflakes with a drop of milk. By only using a tiny amount of milk, it helps the cornflakes to keep a thick consistency and therefore is easier for your baby to pick up. You could vary this day-to-day by adding different fruits to it too.
  • Scrambled egg with slices of toast. I squish the egg into the toast after it’s been cooked to help our babies pick it up independently.
  • Weetabix with chopped strawberries and milk (just make sure you clear this up ASAP afterwards…DO NOT let it dry…unless you like your baby’s highchair / table / walls/ baby’s hair etc to have a coating of cement stuck on it. You have been warned). baby led weaning breakfast ideas for your baby
  • Toast slices with smashed avocado. You could alternate the flavours by adding different spices, such as a sprinkling of turmeric or black pepper.
  • Sliced fruit wedges such as watermelon, mango, avocado and strawberries with yogurt as a dip.
  • Yogurt with porridge oats and squashed blueberries (it’s important to squash the blueberries to avoid it being a chocking hazard).
  • Peanut butter, banana, porridge oats and milk (a real tummy filler!)
    baby led weaning breakfast ideas for your baby

    Porridge with milk, smooth peanut butter and mashed banana makes a fantastic breakfast tummy filler!

  • Breakfast pancakes with a sprinkling of fruit. These are SO easy to make! And the best thing is that they freeze well so you can make a batch so there is hardly any preparation time in the morning! All you need is one banana and two eggs. Whisk the eggs and mash the banana, mix and fry into small pancakes. Taadaaa!


Do you have any breakfast recommendations for babies?



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