The Positive Planner: Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Positive Planner: Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing

Guest: Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing – The Positive Planner


Hello, we are Ali and Finn… Two Mama’s on a mission to break the stigma around mental health!


We are currently crowdfunding like crazy to get our newest baby “The Positive Planner” up and running!


What is The Positive Planner?

The Positive Planner is a journal and planner, that supports mental health wellbeing. The very fact that this products will be available will in itself be helping to break the stigma that surrounds mental health! We both have young children, Ali has Max who is 3, and Orla who is 2, Finn has baby Japser-Fox who is 6 months. We both have personal experience with mental health issues. Ali first experienced post natal depression after her daughter was born. Finn has suffered with depression and anxiety since teenage years and found the early months of motherhood really brought these issues to head again.

mental health the positive plannerWhere Did The Positive Planner Come From?

The Positive Planner was born from an understanding of the struggles of new motherhood as well as the debilitating effects of mental health illness. Both Ali and Finn felt there was little support around them at a time when it was most needed and Ali during her own recovery from post natal depression feels she “self healed” using her daily journaling and self taught art therapy techniques, she still uses these daily, and now Finn is also addicted!


We both, like many other women,  experience feelings of helplessness, loneliness and confusion during motherhood and our experience of mental health issues. Other than medication we both felt there was little help and support. This personal experience has left us with a strong sense of not wanting others to suffer in the same way, thus the idea for The Positive Planner was born.

mental health the positive planner


How Does It Support Mental Health and Wellbeing?

The Positive planner is a unique tool that will help enable people who are experiencing mental health issues to remain productive and positive in very overwhelming and anxious times. It is a hardback journal with beautiful calligraphy and encouraging words on each page, helping to take the panic out of the daily routine and breaking it down in to small bitesize sections. The concept is based on cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, however our Positive Planner is accessible and comfortable to use, as well as being a beautiful and trendy piece of stationary.

mental health the positive planner


Art therapy and mindful colouring has been a recent trend, we want this to be a daily activity within our Positive Planner to encourage mindfulness and thoughtful reflections, it is a common theme throughout, using independent artist found through our Instagram community. We have collaborated to produce beautiful and uplifting illustrations and quotations throughout. A carefully developed selection of mindful and positive thought provoking activities have been created by us to engage the brain, helping the user to navigate there thoughts and feelings. The practice of gratitude is encouraged throughout to help train the mind to notice the good in everyday life.


mental health the positive planner


Who is The Positive Planner for?

This Planner can of course be bought by anyone as a useful tool and not specifically for mental health sufferers, but we think it’s important as a way to recovery that there is a specific product that can be purchased. It can be bought as a way of firstly admitting something may not be right but also a coping mechanism to help get on the road to recovery. It can also be bought by friends and family, it will come packed with love with lots of links to useful resources  that can help.


It is a simple idea developed by us from our own personal journey through motherhood and mental health issues, we need to take our idea to the next level in order to share with others and help them in the same way it is helping us!


If you would like to contribute towards the crowdfunding please follow this link. You help is much appreciated!



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