playHOORAY! Product Review

playHOORAY! Product Review

Product Review: playHOORAY!

Being a new mama, with brand new babies, can be a shock to the system to say the least. What do you actually do with your babies? How do you play with them? Can you keep them entertained in your own home? Even with my list of qualifications and experiences (you can read more about The Foxfairies on our About page), trying to think of new and creative ideas to stimulate my two babies at home was a challenge.

baby play activities

Exploring using all of our senses

That’s when I stumbled across Claire’s fabulous Instagram page – @play.hooray and suddenly I was inspired.

Claire is an Early Years Specialist, who shares daily play ideas and activities for babies, toddlers and children. She is the creator of playPROMPTS, fabulous little cards of magic that can help you to provide stimulating, high-quality learning activities for your children in the comfort of your own home.

baby play activities

This was the first time Beatrice had ever seen or touched cous cous!

I bought my first year playPROMPTS and they arrived the next day! As soon as I opened the packaging and started reading the cards, I didn’t know which one to try first! The cards come in a plastic container, which makes it easy to access and store alike. Each card has an activity printed on the back and front, so it feels like every time you pick them up you find a new activity.

baby play activities

The great thing about using food products like this is that they do not cost very much and are usually always to hand at the back of your cupboard!

The activities are organised into different age groups so you can order the set of cards that are suited to your own child’s ages. Disclaimers are made to ensure children are safe during the play activities. What I particularly love about these cards is that the suggestions of activities only require basic items that you can find around your home. Who knew some old newspaper or pasta shells could be so much fun?! More information and products can be found on her playHOORAY! website.

baby activities

Tie materials around something like a play pen for babies to explore!

Our Favourite Activities

Although all of the activities are delightfully stimulating, here are some of our favourite ones:

  • Tie a variety of materials around a hula hoop and lie your baby down in the middle. We didn’t have a hula hoop so we just tied items to our play pen! The babies loved it.
  • Make edible sand by putting crackers in a food processor! Genius!
  • Place herbs, fruits and other smellies in small boxes and pierce holes so your baby can safely smell their scent. We particularly love this activity because our babies at not yet sitting, this makes floor time much more interesting.
  • Invite your baby to get messy with a big bowl of Angel Delight! We didn’t have this in the cupboard so I used pasta, cous cous and porridge oats instead. This is what I love about the playPROMPT cards – you can use them to inspire you to create your own version of a play activity too!
    baby play activities

    I used this activity to support Francis’ tummy time too!


Claire has kindly said followers of The Foxfairies can enjoy 10% off their order by using the discount code ‘FOXFAIRYTWINS’ at the checkout (for a limited time). You will not regret making a purchase! I am trained in this area and I have still learnt a whole load of wonderful activities to keep our babies entertained. I’d love to know which play activities your little ones enjoy the most.

Love, The Foxfairies x



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