Guest: New Mum Hacks

Guest: New Mum Hacks

Guest: New Mum Hacks – Nurturing Mums

I am extremely delighted to welcome Lucina Hutton to our blog. Lucinda runs Nurturing Mums postnatal courses – 5 week non-judgemental postnatal courses across London – they also have an online store full of lovely bits for mums-to-be, mums and babies. Lucinda is a mum to Teddy (2) and has another baby due in September. She enjoys fizz, work that works (she’s still a one day a week lawyer), as well as getaways with her family.

 new mum hacks

New Mum Hacks

 Not only was I a new mum 2 years ago, I get to meet hundreds of new mums on our postnatal courses so have compiled a list of new mum hacks which will hopefully make your life a little easier in those early days:


·   Just roll with it… it’s such a wonderful moment when your baby takes a step towards independence and rolls over on their own. Trouble is… most of them don’t know how to roll back! You may have a night with several wake

ups when they roll over and get STUCK!  A neat trick is to roll up a towel in a cocoon shape and put in under your baby’s cot bed sheets – this way, they can’t roll over in their sleep and the towel is safely under the sheets. Once they’ve mastered rolling back, you can just remove it and let them re-discover their comfy sleeping position!

 new mum hacks

·   The brighter the better – my nursery décor and toys were gorgeous pastels in muted shades. The thing is, babies can only see a limited range of colours and the BRIGHTER the BETTER. They may not be your favourite colours, but seeing how long your baby is stimulated for = means more hands-free time for you = WIN… that usually goes for the noisier the better too!


·   Mop up a multitude of sins…  I think large swaddle muslins are a new mum must-have. Not only do they mop up a multitude of sins they are also multi-functional – they can be a boob cover, play-mat, tent, swaddle, comforter – you name it! I love this one by Etta Loves as it’s designed with your baby’s sensory development in mind too – trendy and clever! (See below).

 new mum hacks

·   White noise is your friend – it’s not surprising that babies like noise… it is very noisy inside of mum! A lot of babies take comfort from white noise and there are so many apps, dream sheep and goodies out there that allow your baby to drift in and out of their sleep cycles whilst listening to….. the hairdryer, womb sounds, washing machine… to name but a few!


·   On the go sanitiser – there is nothing more frustrating that dropping your baby’s dummy, bottle or favourite toy when you’re on the go and can’t give it a wash. I found Aquaint’s natural sanitising water a life saver – it’s odour and tasteless and because it’s natural can be sprayed straight onto your baby’s dummy or bottle and is totally ok to go in their mouths whilst acting as a germ killer too!

 new mum hacks

·   2 for one products are the way forward – You may not have time to look after yourself as much these days – so products that benefit you and your baby are a win! Teething necklaces for example – look great on you but fantastic for teething babas – here I am modelling one by Lara & Ollie (pic attached)  / mum and baby oil – a treat for your postpartum tum as well as your baby’s skin for baby massage – natural and restorative – this one by Bloom and Blossom is my fave.


·   Never lose a baby sock again… I don’t know about you… but I used to have about 20 pairs of odd baby socks until I discovered little mesh washing bags that can be used for baby socks / lingerie etc. Just clip it to the side of your wash basket – pop all dirty baby socks in there, zip it up and out it comes of your machine with them all in pairs and in tact – real life goals right there!

 new mum hacks

You can find Lucinda at:

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