Tabitha and Tobin’s Haemangioma Story

Tabitha and Tobin’s Haemangioma Story

Guest Post: Tabitha and Tobin’s Haemangioma Story

Our first guest post is from Jasmine Giles, sharing her beautiful baby twins Tabitha and Tobin’s haemangioma story.


I am a 25 year old mum to fraternal twins, Tabitha and Tobin. My partner, myself and our two beautiful babies live on the Isle of Wight, and the twins are our first babies! 

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Discovering The Strawberry Mark

We first noticed that Tabitha had a small red mark appearing above her top lip when she was 11 days old. We thought this was a scratch, but asked our health visitor to be sure. She confirmed it was a ‘strawberry mark’. Tobin also had a small mark appear at the top of his forehead. After many trips to the doctors with Tabitha, as her haemangioma was growing extremely fast, we were eventually referred to Great Ormond Street hospital, as her feeding and breathing had been affected by the position of the haemangioma. Fortunately for Tobin, his has grown very slowly, and requires no treatment.

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Tabitha was commenced on Propanolol on the 27th of March, and we are hoping that her strawberry will start to reduce over the next few months. The hardest thing for us as parents has been watching our daughter struggle with basic things like feeding, and having a lack of information around the treatment of haemangioma’s from our local health services. It is also difficult when being out and about, as people’s are quick to stop us and comment on Tabitha’s haemangioma, however it is not surprising as there is very little information out there about them! Before having my twins, I had also never heard of haemangioma’s, despite them being very common! 

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Thank you Jasmine for sharing your haemangioma story with us. Jasmine can be found on ​​​Instagram @jasmineamyyy and @thestrawberrytwins and Josh @blindbaker


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