As Cute As A Strawberry: Haemangioma Awareness

As Cute As A Strawberry: Haemangioma Awareness

As Cute As A Strawberry: Celebrating Our Strawberry Babies

Welcome to our haemangioma awareness section. Before Beatrice’s ‘strawberry mark’ appeared, I was completely unaware of this very common condition that affects 1 out of every 10 babies. My perfect, newborn baby girl was developing a rapidly growing bumpy, red mark on her nostril and I had no idea what is was or what I could do to help. My anxieties multiplied when I realised that is was also growing into her nostril, potentially affecting her breathing. I would be nervous about people meeting my beautiful little girl for the first time because of the growth on her nose. Strangers would stare and some would even come up to ask ‘what is that ‘thing’ on her nose?’ Clearly, there wasn’t enough haemangioma awareness out there.

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Do you know what a haemangioma is, how it develops or what can be used to treat it? Follow Beatrice’s story to find out.

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After doing extensive research and attending multiple doctor and hospital appointments, I finally started to feel more knowledgeable about Beatrice’s haemangioma. As I started documenting her journey on our Foxfairy Twins Instagram and blog, many parents got in touch to share their own experiences of their children having strawberry marks. That’s when I thought how wonderful would it be to capture all of these stories on one platform to share with everyone? A place where people can go for information, support but most importantly, to celebrate how special and unique our beautiful strawberry babies are. That’s when ‘As Cute As A Strawberry’ was born.

You can follow Beatrice’s Haemangioma Story, as well as our wonderful guests’ strawberry baby stories in our As Cute As A Strawberry section. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the families who have contributed to this section to help raise the awareness of haemangiomas. Without you and your beautiful babies, this page would not be possible. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to relate to other parents who understand what it is like to have a child with a haemangioma, as well as celebrating how these marks make them beautifully unique.


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Share Your Haemangioma Story

Do you have a child with a haemangioma and would like to share your story on our blog? We would love to hear from you, please get in touch via our Contact page.


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