Tiny Tips: How To Stop A Baby Rolling Over At Night

Tiny Tips: How To Stop A Baby Rolling Over At Night

Tiny Tips: How To Stop A Baby Rolling Over At Night

Welcome to Tiny Tips! The blog post of the week where I share a tiny tip that has helped me survive with my baby twins. Sometimes, in the delirious, sleep-deprived haze, it’s the little things that stop you from snot crying over spilled breast milk (do you REALISE how long it takes to express that stuff?? Anyway…).

Here is my tiny tip of the week:

How To Stop A Baby Rolling Over At Night

As a parent, after a few months you finally start to feel like you kind of know what you’re doing. Routines start emerging and you know your baby’s cues. That is until they grow a little more, change the way they are doing things or learn a new skill. Then it’s back to the drawing board in search for the new solution.

It’s funny how you are pushing for your baby to meet the next pending milestone and then when they actually do it, you instantly regret it. We experienced this feeling last week, where Beatrice had finally learnt how to roll over onto her tummy. The bad news was that 1. She actually hates tummy time, so being on her front was not fun, and 2. She did not know how to roll back over onto her back. Problems.

Although I went from being a mumma who could leave her 5 month old twins on the floor and drink a ‘hot’ cup of coffee (lucky, I know) overnight I became a yoyo…up, down, up, down, turning Beatrice back onto her back as she wailed louder than a banshee as she miserably flapped on her tummy like a poorly seal. Now, I didn’t mind it because it is all a learning experience for her and she needs to struggle a little bit before she can actually turn herself back around. But what troubled me was bedtime. What if she rolls in her sleep? Will she be able to turn her head enough to breathe? What if I don’t hear her on the monitor? Worry, worry, worry.

That was when many lovely followers from our Foxfairy Twins Instagram Page suggested rolling up a towel and positioning it under the sheet like a ‘0’ so that she fitted in the middle. This way it would stop her from being able to roll onto her tummy. And guess what? It worked! So a massive, massive thank you for your help. You guys are the best 🙂

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How to stop your baby from rolling over at night.

Do You Have Any Tricks?

Do you have any little tricks that have helped you with your little one?



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