Snap: We Love Reading

Snap: We Love Reading

Snap: We Love Reading

Welcome to Snap! The blog post where I share a fabulous photo that captures our experiences of raising twins.

If you follow us on Instagram at Foxfairy Twins you will know that one of our favourite baby activities is to read (more activity ideas in our 21 Activities for Babies post). From a very early age we started introducing books our twins. It’s never too early to start reading! Just hearing your voice aids language development, as well as promoting the pleasure of reading.

One afternoon I left a book propped up next to Francis to have a look at. He was so interested in the book that he ended up sliding it onto his head! I hope this love for books and reading continues.

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Our babies love to look at books! We try and read to our babies every day so that they develop a love of reading. What activities do your babies enjoy?

What Is Your Favourite Activity?

What is your little one’s favourite activity?



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