Wrap Life: Baby Wearing Twins

Wrap Life: Baby Wearing Twins

 Baby Wearing Twins

“Nap when they nap…” “Leave the laundry…” “Forget the housework…” Sound familiar? These statements followed me around like chewing gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe during my pregnancy. All given with good intentions, but has anyone actually done this IRL? I am not sure that you can pull this off and not raise a child in an environment that resembles something similar to Jumanji.

However, throw in two tiny sleep-thieves, whose dangerous decibels would perforate the strongest of ear drums, the prospect of handling a dish cloth seemed laughable. So, how do you overcome this conundrum?


Baby wearing twins using the Moby Wrap

My babies were always happiest when being held. So it seemed obvious to adopt a ‘hands-free’ approach and use a wrap. But, could this be achieved with two babies…? Since having twins my attitude towards anything has become not ‘could’ this be done, rather ‘how’ can I make it work for us. I was up for the challenge. So, when my @mobywrap arrived I was keen to learn how I could successfully snuggle my two bundles of joy to me. I’m not going to lie…the first few attempts could be compared to wrestling with an octopus – eight limbs erratically flailing about, resisting to be restrained. Fast-forward after a few practises and we finally got the hang of it! *insert trophy emoji here.

I loved the feeling of being self-reliant. I had triumphantly discovered a way that I could keep my babies happy, whilst simultaneously leaving me hands-free to tackle the hazardous environment we called ‘home’. As for having the energy in order to do this…I am still working on that.

Do You Wear Your Babies?

What are your experiences of baby wearing? What other baby wearing products have you used? Do you have any tips you would like to share?


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